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  • As a fraternity that is heavily invested in service to our community, we have chosen S.O.S.Children’s Villages to be our national philanthropy. This foundation has been working with underprivileged families around the world (in 133 different countries) since 1960 in order to prevent the crises that result from familial separation.


  • Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity affords its members an opportunity to enhance the social and charitable experiences of their collegiate life through various leadership and volunteer projects while encouraging them to maintain their academics at a high level.


  • Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. has grown to become a national fraternity with chapters stretching from coast to coast. We strive to maintain and augment our status as a highly rewarding and widely recognized networking channel for our young professionals. Our alumni, who are involved in various career paths, contribute generously to this goal.

Undergraduate Spotlight

  • Adam Gustafson

    Adam Gustafson (brother Ostinato) and his band, The Aviators, will be playing at Amici’s on August 17th at 10PM. Let’s make it as big or bigger success as the last performance there. Enjoy the drinks and awesome music. If you don’t know where Amici’s is its right by On The Rocks on Clayton street, on...

Alumnus Spotlight

  • 27/06/2013in Alumnus Spotlight

    Glen Gibbs

    If there is any individual who exemplifies the ideals of our fraternity then it is Mr. Glen Gibbs, Brother Crossover. Since crossing in fall of 2006, Mr. Gibbs has assisted our chapter’s rise to prominence by serving as the Multicultural Greek Council Parliamentarian to the chapter Vice-President and later the President before graduating. Gle...

National News

  • 27/06/2013in National News

    One Of Our Own

    Akhil Anumolu, who graduated from our chapter, was recently featured by Nationals and by his new company, Play-i. The full article can be read HERE. “With a degree in MIS, technology is really my biggest interest,” said Akhil Anumolu, marketing manager at Play-i in Silicon Valley. “Outside of just doing my daily job, I’m constantly...

Quick Info

Nationally Founded - Aug. 16, 1996, University of Pennsylvania
UGA Chapter Founded - May 9th 2004

Fraternity Colors:
Red : symbolizes Society
Black : symbolizes Brotherhood
Green : symbolizes Remembrance

Philanthropy - Youth Education and Development
Emblem - King Cobra
Motto - "Brotherhood Beyond all Barriers"